Dataquest T-School Survey & Ranking

is the most referred survey by the aspiring engineering students and referred by the HR leaders and L&D experts across India.

The 16th T-School annual survey was conducted in March 2021, gave ample insights into the tech education landscape in India and unravels key dynamics in terms of the skills the “Tech Schools” are creating for the IT industry and their standing in terms of academic excellence, placements, infrastructure et al.

The Survey Highlights

  • Measures the campus recruitment.
  • Measures of the Industry interface of the college
  • Overall feedback of HR managers of the engineering colleges
  • Industry perspective regarding the edu-tech-training gap in the college
  • Survey of HR heads/L&D experts of the big recruiters of the country
  • Industrial training in the college and many more.
  • Current edu-tech trends of the industry.

Key Highlights

  • Survey’s 1000+ leading engineering colleges in India
  • Indexing of 100+ leading colleges in India
  • Placement scenario branch wise admist this pandemic
  • Challenges faced by institutes in placement.
  • Annually publishes online & print.
  • Institute-industry Partnership

T-School Programme, provides you the best in class results about the landscape of Indian technical education.

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Dataquest T-School is the platform where-in the IT companies, educational institutes, education leaders, edu-tech companies etc comes together under one umbrella to discuss about the scope and methods to improve the education spectrum in India and make it more sound as per the current industry scenarios.