The T-School survey gives ample insights into the tech education landscape in India and unravels key dynamics in terms of the skills the Tech Schools are creating for the IT industry and their standing in terms of academic excellence, placements, infrastructure et al. The survey is aimed in such a way that it determines the Top-Technology Schools (B.E, B.Tech or similar level graduate technical course) in the country and ranks them on a list of important parameters.


India’s top tech schools ranked based on the survey of colleges, students, and employers

  • The Top 10 & the 100 T-School listing for 2018
  • The listing of Top Government T-Schools 2018
  • DQ Listing of 1000 most promising T-Schools in India.

Survey Methodology

  • Phase 1: Desk Research
  • Phase 2: Primary Research

Section: 2

View from the Industry

A deep dive into the overall HR dynamics and the availability of the skills delivery, skills developmentand its relevance in this day and age. Interviews and Thought leadership insights from Top HR Leaders in the country on the state of the skill delivery. The key topics they will discuss are:

  • What ails the Indian tech education, the interventions needed to make it to improve in all aspects?
  • Training methodologies aimed at creating a skill disruption
  • Employability- upping the ante.
  • Recalibrating the engineering curriculum- the need of the hour

Section: 3

Hottest Trends In Talent

The Opportunities beyond school and the skills needed for surviving in the Techindustry

  • The hottest tech Jobs of 2018- what you need to get into the grove?
  • Top 5 Skills that you need to be a successful Data Scientist
  • The Top Earners: The Tech jobs that can make you rich and successful
  • Top 5 Things you need to check before you opt in for that Big Data certification and training?
  • Top 5 Certifications you can opt for that much needed career boost and why?
  • Skilling for the New Digital Normal- How to survive and stay relevant to changing technology marketplace.
  • Understanding Online courses- getting the course that best fits your career and competency goals

The Top 10 Private T-Schools in India – At a Glance 2017

Private Engineering colleges are playing a key role in empowering the IT sector. They are an important source of workforce to the IT industry – in India and globally. Some of the private engineering colleges fare better than many of IITs in India. Many of them give tough competition on parameters such as infrastructure, industry interface, faculty and job placements, etc. We bring to you the Top 10 Private T-schools in India which are playing a key role in India’s skill based computer education.

Meet India’s Top 100 Private T-schools for 2017

Private engineering colleges are an important source of workforce for the IT industry in India. A number of colleges are in constant competition with the top IITs and NITs in the country. The likes of BITS Pilani and Bannari Amman Institute of Technology, even are better than many of the IITs in India. Across the country, there are many private colleges that have developed campuses and infrastructure to provide the computer science education to their students. One of the trend which we have seen recently is of industry collaboration. The private T-schools are now working closely with the industry to prepare the industry-ready workforce.

While government colleges are supplying the necessary skill sets to students, the private engineering colleges are also playing a key role in empowering the IT sector. Although automation will take up a lot of jobs in future but it is believed that many jobs will still be there for skilled graduates who are equipped with right talent and skills.